Macro & Micro Typography

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Typography can primarily be split into two different aspects — Macro & Micro. Macro typography concerns the bigger picture elements such as type choices, sizes, and spacing. Micro typography refers to the more minute details that add up to a better reading experience.

This website looks at how we as web designers can master both of these and use them in our daily work. There is a step-by-step walkthrough — accompanying the article in net magazine #268 — and an open-source boilerplate to see how it can all be handled in code.


Typography can often be pretty daunting when you feel like you don’t know all its ins-and-outs. Breaking it down into steps we’ll go through some simple tips and show you how to nail your web typography at a macro and micro level.



Want to learn more, find out about browser support or pick up a good book? Take a look at the list of resources we’ve put together to help.